Wichita, Kansas



AED & Life Saving Training Courses


Intended Audience

American Safety & Health Institute’s Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) program was created to train emergency personnel to recognize cardiopulmonary emergencies (including cardiac arrest and peri-arrest conditions) and other medical conditions that require rapid initial emergency care. Program covers the initial actions of an emergency response team, evaluating airway management, dysrhythmia recognition, electrical interventions, and pharmacologic interventions.

Class Configuration

A two day course is offered to those who have never taken ACLS before. It is approximately 15 hours.

A one day course is offered to those who are seeking renewal of ACLS. It is approximately 7 hours.

Successful Completion

Successful completion is based on passing the written exam as well as achievement of the core learning objectives rather that a prescribed instruction time.

Important Considerations

Discount pricing is available for business contracts.